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I’ve listened to that, due to numerous function concerns, the Doxy Number 3 is being momentarily terminated in North America. I myself experienced one faulty version prior to me was provided with a non-faulty version. Several of my favourite sticks consist of the Doxy Pass away Cast, the Magic Stick Rechargeable, and the Sola Sync. There’s a somewhat flexible neck, which brings about a black silicone head for broad-style excitement.

Wonder 'O' Wand Rechargeable Massager
  • Rechargeable
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • 4 Speeds
  • 4 Vibration Patterns
  • Velvet Soft Silicone Head


Well, Doxy has actually done it once more. They’ve come out with another sensational stick vibe. It could not be ruby red and glittering like my favourite Doxy Pass away Cast Stick (glowing evaluation below), however there’s a lot of appeal in this brand-new style. The Doxy Number 3 features a combed aluminium and titanium body, one that’s about half the weight of the Doxy Pass Away Cast. This makes it fairly little in regards to corded sticks– certainly smaller compared to the Magic Wand Rechargeable also. Still, regarding wands go, this one has actually all the expected bits. There’s a 12 feet power cable, which is long sufficient to get all throughout my bedroom to make sure that’s handy. There’s an easy 3 button user interface (power, +, and–).

What makes this the Doxy Number 3 different?

There’s a SUPER helpful function below– the black silicone head is REMOVABLE. It screws off cleanly so you could wash it under the tap while keeping the body itself far away from water. It’s the very first time I have actually found something similar to this and it’s a HUGE upgrade from the Doxy Pass Away Cast, which needs you to very carefully clean the head without obtaining water near the body.

My companion and I did a blind examination contrasting the Doxy Number 3 cum lube versus the Doxy Die Cast and we just weren’t able to discern any considerable difference in resonance stamina between the two. Possibly the greatest distinction is just that the Doxy Number 3’s resonances are more concentrated due to the fact that the head is much smaller than the Doxy Die Cast’s larger, oblong head. And, just to be clear, the Doxy Number 3 is solid. Also at its least expensive rate, it’s strong. This is a plaything for power queens.

Ways to use the Doxy Number 3

Plug in the Doxy Number 3 cum lube, making certain it’s not near any water resources. To transform it on, press the power button. To increase or decrease rates, struck the (+) and (–) switches. You can also activate the variable pulse setting by holding the power switch. The Doxy Number 3 will start to pulse. To increase or lower the regularity of the pulse, press the (+) and (–) buttons.

If you err on the side of pin-point excitement, you may appreciate the Number 3 even more. That smaller sized head is far more focused than the Pass away Cast’s long, magnificent, broad head. The Number 3 is, nonetheless, still a stick; it will certainly not offer the sort of pin-point stimulation that a bullet will. With that screw-off silicone head, the Number 3 is hand-down much easier to tidy compared to the Pass away Cast.

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