Njoy Pure Wand


The njoy eleven just really feels big. There’s no getting around that. There’s no crushing any kind of silicone to earn it fit less complicated. Paired with the fact that the heads are spherical as well as chilly difficult steel, the njoy pure wand eleven is testing for me to deal with. In my earlier blog writing days, I regularly made use of large toys so my body was more adapted to sizes like yet obviously my muscle mass are lazier nowadays.

Beautiful high end Njoy Pure Wand paired with Migliori premium silicone-based lubricant (30 ml)
  • Cast in 316 medical grade solid stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine
  • Perfect for experimenting with hot and cold play
  • Non porous so they can be cleaned and sterilized by any means
  • Silicone-based lubricant with vitamins A, B6, D3, and E to leave your skin feeling silky smooth

That round form does wonder for my G-spot, which this thing discovers and also presses against strongly. It’s a fantastic, simple experience, one that’s made much better when I soak the Eleven in the cozy water right before. Even if my vagina was always in the state of mind for a 2 ″ ball of steel, my wrist isn’t really typed in the state of mind for navigating something as large as this. It’s not easy for me, as well as I’m able-bodied.


The Fun Factory Stronic G Pulsator II is a self-thrusting sex toy designed to target G-spot stimulation. Currently, a number of years ago I evaluated the Bi Stronic Fusion Pulsator which, although the little rabbit arm was pointless and also annoying, still amazed me with its self-thrusting prowess. Now, Fun Factory has actually launched its second generators of Pulsator; this generation is lighter as well as narrower compared to its predecessors, however equally as powerful.

The head is hooked to concentrate on the G-spot. If you’ve just ever before experienced a straight vibrator or vibe, you’re losing out; bent heads like this location as well as tax the G-spot with greater ease than straight shapes. If it seems awkward, don’t worry; the silicone is soft-ish, making it Cush and comfortable. The shaft is straightforward, with mild streaming contours diminishing towards the base. The base is grey body safe ABDOMINAL plastic; contains 3 control switches as well as 2 little metal pins for the charging cord.


Also at the quicker rates, the njoy pure wand Fun Manufacturing Facility Stronic G Pulsator II is quiet. It could not be listened to via walls or a closed door, which is excellent if you have roomies. The overall image is smooth, streamlined, and as well as I love this beautiful ice chilly blue color. If you’re extra conventional, you could still choose Pink or Purple though. Altogether, this is a moderately sized toy. The size is 1.65 ″ and also the insertable length is 5.75 ″. Not something for outright size queens, however bear in mind that this has to be light sufficient to self-thrust.

How to use the Fun Factory Stronic G Pulsator II

If you by hand propelled it at the same time, it provides you a kind of one-of-a-kind double-thrusting experience. The form itself actually succeeds; I found the narrower shaft and curved G-spot idea to be a whole lot extra efficient and pleasant than the straighter Bi Stronic Combination. That one feels fantastic in its very own right, but this Stronic G certainly produces a much better G-spot concentrated plaything.

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