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The Anal Hook
  • Hiqh quality construction

I ordered this gorgeous stainless steel anal hook from It is a website of the company which manufactures bondage equipment and handcrafts BDSM gears. A few years back I had the pleasure to review the Leather and Steel Corrector Flogger. This became one of my favourite bondage equipment. Now I have the pleasure to review anal hook. Let’s hope that this turns out to be a better one.

Product Information

I have never used any anal hook before and this is the first one into my BDSM collection. After opening the packing I was surprised as I thought the product would be quite different. The anal hook was larger than I actually expected it to be and was quite heavy. The product had many factors combined in it which made my partner a little bit insecure. I took out the hook and started measuring it. The circumference of the ball was almost 5 inches and the length of the handle was around 9 inches. This made me more excited to try them. Having a 5-inch circumference on a completely solid sex toy was little intense. If you are a beginner then I would recommend not using it. But this product is a gem for the advanced players.

The product actually has two parts.  The ball can be unscrewed from the hook. This is because to allow the users to fix different ball sizes according to the hole size. Sometimes I worried about what if the ball gets detached inside my rectum. After checking, I discovered that the threads were quite deep. One had to make three and a half turns to detach the ball from the handle. So, there was no chance for the ball getting detached. I have even tried to detach it once inside my ass but I failed. It will take a complete dextrous ass to make three 360 turns inside the rectum. You just have to tighten the ball before you put them in, all listed on our bondage page.

Experience With The Anal Hook

It was quite tough for me and my partner to insert the ball without warming it up. However, there are many reasons for the warm-up. First of all, we are intermediates in playing anal. Secondly, the solid steel had no squish or flex to it, so it stretched our holes very intensely. The metal was very smooth that slipped very easily without using any kind of lubricant.

Once I started to get going, I began to feel the pleasure as the ball was working its way past my internal muscles. At first, the steel might feel cold but after a few minutes of rolling the temperature increases.


The anal hook is one of the best things that I have ever had in my BDSM collection. It made me fall in love with it. We use the anal hook regularly on our bondage session and try out all the variations of the hook. I have no idea how could we miss out this awesome thing in our collection. However, if you are a new anal player then it is better not to use the anal hook. We have a massive selection of anal beads also.

The Anal Hook
Hiqh quality construction

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