Review: Hot Octopus Queen Bee

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo Therapeutic Massager
  • Try one of the most powerful male therapeutic massagers ever created. Uses patented multi-award winning oscillating technology in order to induce the most intense and unique sensations
  • Can be used in both a soft and hard state - relax as the massager does all of the work for you
  • Allow the soft silicone wings to expand around you, ensuring a tight and comfortable fit
  • With a little support, try PULSE for an incredible hands-free experience
  • PULSE offers amazing possibilities for those with E.D. and mobility issues

Body Safe Hot Octopus Queen Bee Dildo

You now have a dildo that really rocks and is quite safe medically. This dildo gadget is made of medical grade TPE which is used in all hospitals and medical clinics and therefore quite body safe. But the best of the stuff is that it is also pretty good at what it is meant out to be. My opinion expressed in this Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review is pretty much positive for this dildo as it has more pros than cons.

Real Dildo for Pleasuring your Clit

In most instances, while reviewing dildos of various makes I had found some advantages as well as disadvantages. However, as for Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review, I place this dildo as perhaps the best as it is really great in action. It doesn’t need much pressure and at once you get the sensation that is all is going well and that you would reach orgasm.

Shaped like a wand type clitoral stimulator this dildo is hundred percent waterproof. Now, this is just what you want. And that is you can use it in a shower or bathtub and enjoy a few blissful moments in privacy. I had personally experienced it and had heard females gasp with wide eyes at the beauty of the sex toy shaped like a brush with a button behind the base of the handle.

Not vibration but Oscillation

You will find from this Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review that this dildo doesn’t act as a vibrator. Instead, the head portion which is a plate moves up and creates pulse waves that create oscillation stimulation. In other words, the pulse waves act something like a piston going back and forth in a really fantastic way to achieve orgasm.

You may switch on and off on the same button and the battery can be recharged. Some females say that it may be a little noisy, but in the running shower who really cares.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo Therapeutic Massager
Hot Octopuss - Health and Beauty

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