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Although the KinkLab Neon Wand might look pretty scary with all the science buzz around it and the zapping of skin with an electrode of glass, it’s nothing to worry about all that much. Nothing to get nervous about. And hey, it’s not all that prickly or painful and to be honest, if you’re trying for something of that kind, you’d be badly disappointed. It only produces only a kind of pinching sensation, and that’s when it’s all turned up to high.

How Neon Wand works being tested

I tried it out on my forearm and it didn’t hurt me any bit. The sensation started out as nothing at low to a kind of tickling through midway and then towards the high end, it felt like a sharp prickling feeling. Being fair-skinned, after all my tests were over, I had some kind of a sunburn on my forearm and it lasted for the evening, but I feel that’s only because I did the same spot of skin continuously for a bit. The manual actually recommends you don’t do just one area for more than about 10 seconds.

I braved myself to try them on one of my nipples. I tried first with my shirt on and then without them later. It felt really good and I was okay with each of those electrodes. I’m not so good with tolerating any of pain so when this feels okay on complete high, I wouldn’t think anyone else would feel any pain with it. I know different people have different thresholds for pain, and even so, I’m sure that you could find a combination of those electrodes that suit your tastes just the right way.

I decided to try it out deeper inside of me rather than just my arms and nipples. To be honest, I felt it better on my inner thighs than on any part inside or around my clit. It was pretty good to have it running all around my vulva, which includes all my clit as well. Though, with all that’s going on, this wasn’t going to make me any better at getting off. I know there could be people who would get off at this sort of stimulation, but unfortunately I don’t belong to that section. I didn’t find the sensation to be really all that pleasurable, though I have to admit it did feel interesting. I feel this is the kind of thing that’s meant for people into lower BDSM.

The Addons

I’ve been told that the Power Tripper add-on to the Wand could turn your whole body to an electrode so that you can give the feeling to your partner from your fingers with electricity. Sounds fun!

The four electrodes are listed in increasing order of intensity:

  1. Mushroom Tube – mildest stimulation over broad area.
  2. Comb Electrode – Pricklier, still mild.
  3. Tongue Tube – mild on the side that’s broad and intense at the point.
  4. 90-degree Probe – most intense, pinching feeling. Manageable


The glass electrodes have some kind of a gas which glows in two colors, red and purple and the handset can be in white, red or black. The controls are ultimate simple – a dial that goes from off to full and the cord being 7’ long. Beware of jewelry and pacemakers and pregnant ladies, they just don’t go well with this.

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