Review: LELO Ina Wave

LELO INA Wave Dual-Action, G-Spot and External Massage Vibrator with Motion Movement, Cerise
  • The ultimate luxury rabbit vibe for pleasure connoisseurs
  • 10 Vibration Patterns and with Adjustable Speeds. Ingredients: peanuts, sea salt, maltodextrin, cornstarch, corn syrup solids
  • 100 percent Waterproof and Rechargeable (2 Hours Use)
  • Rises and Falls Like Lovers' Fingers
  • Award-winning packaging with full 1-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee

LELO is a distributor and manufacturer of high-end, luxurious sex-toys. Their toys are all safe for the body and pretty cute. Although a lot of their products are focused towards women, they also have a number of toys for men and for couples as well.

Physical Details

The Ina Wave is a rabbit vibrator with a streamlined shape. The main handle is thin towards the base insertable portion. This then quickly broadens out into a fat girth. There’s a rounded tip on the top for easy insertion. The clit arm is smaller. The length is important because not all women have the same amount of distance from their clit to the vaginal opening. If your clit is beyond 2” from your opening, this arm may not reach you.

It doesn’t have any funky dolphin heads or rabbit ears. The clean lines are definitely delicious. It comes in a variety of colors: pink, purple, and ocean blue.

This is not a very firm toy, if you press it hard with your fingers, you’ll feel very little give. The clit arm is flexible though. It can be moved from side to side. If flexibility is important for you, I can say that it can be bent backward to about 75 degrees, but can also go up to a 90 if you give it some more force.


This is a rabbit vibrator, which means that the insertable end stimulates the G-spot while the arm stimulates the clit.

The Ina Wave takes it further by adding a kind of “come hither” motion to the main shaft providing the sensation of being fingered.

Turning on the Ina Wave can be done by pressing the center button. It’ll start at whichever function you were using last. The (-) and (+) buttons decrease and increase intensity. The arrows help you cycle through the functions.

It’s to be noticed that the more the functions you’re using, the weaker the vibrations will be. One will be better if all the others are not operating. The higher speeds are really noisy, but the lower ones are pretty deep and lovely.

Although the Ina Wave is much weaker than the Ina 2 or the Mona 2. I had my partner place both on my arms and the Ina Wave was definitely a disappointment.


The vibrations are not exactly all that much of a whisper. You can use it pretty easily without anyone near ten meters of you. If you’re going to be using it in your room, it wouldn’t be any bother. Use a blanket to muffle the sound if you want. But once you get the waving function turned on, you’ll be exposed to a high-pitch sound. This could be pleasant, though fairly deep.

Other Features

It is waterproof only down to 1 meter underwater. So you wouldn’t want to take it too deeply. Charging could go only up to about 2 hours for a run. The LED lights on the buttons glow red if it has to be recharged.

The travel lock can be unlocked by pressing the (+) and (-) buttons for about 3 seconds.

Material and Care

The model is completely silicone and that makes it really safe around all parts of your body. It attracts a little of lint but it won’t be all that sticky like other brands. I suggest water-based lubes or you’d better test Silicone-based lubes out first or it may degrade the toy. This has been listed on our female sex toy page.

Shipping and Packaging

You can buy directly from them or you can also find LELO’s toys in most of the sex toy shops. It came in covered in a discreet white envelope. There was no indication as to the package being a sex toy. This is really secretive if you want it that way. Inside the outer white box lies another box, black this time. Inside is tucked your Ina Wave in a cushion. Also included are a charging cable, an information pamphlet and a warranty card. A lube sample and a storage pouch are also provided. This is similar to both the Loki Wave and the Tor.


This isn’t all you’d need somehow, although it is somehow pleasurable. You might have to adjust into the vibe to get that right sensation you’re looking for.

LELO INA Wave Dual-Action, G-Spot and External Massage Vibrator with Motion Movement, Cerise
The ultimate luxury rabbit vibe for pleasure connoisseurs; 100 percent Waterproof and Rechargeable (2 Hours Use)

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