Review: Lelo Ora 2

LELO Ora Premium Sensual Silicone Massager Waterproof, Deep Rose
  • Oral sex simulator designed for external stimulation
  • Combines circular strokes, fast flicks with surging sensations
  • 10 varied stimulation modes with intense setting memory function
  • 100% waterproof to a depth of 1 meter/3 feet
  • Luxurious packaging

Just a few months back I was asked to give a review of the Lelo Ora. It is basically a clitoral vibrator as well as an oral sex simulator. The product is very unique as the functions are very different from other sex toys. It just felt like someone is rolling their tongue over you. The rotating small nub in the Ora is the reason for the mimic of a tongue. Moreover, the nub is just circled around a flat base.

After a few weeks on giving the review on Ora, I saw that the Lelo has taken the product to the next level. Most of the people had some problem with the original product. This is because the nub was too small which could not go down the clitoris. So, the upgraded version of the product i.e. Leo Ora 2 has quite a bigger nub coming out from the silicon.

Product Information

The Lelo Ora 2 is all in one clitoral vibrator and an oral sex simulator as well. If you want then you can only enjoy the rotation of the nub. For more pleasure you have the option to combine nub sensation with the vibrations. These sensations are very intense and travel in the downward edges of the pad. However, it is not possible to enjoy the vibrations alone as the

The Lelo Ora 2 also comes with 10 settings. The movement of the nub is different for different types of settings. In some, it moves back and forth while in some it rotates in a circular motion. In some settings, you won’t feel any vibrations, while in others the nub rotates with a great mixture of patterns like waves and pulses with a great speed. This certainly makes anyone moan loud in excitement.These are listed on our sex toys for women page.

There is a central button in the Ora that controls the nub. There is also a minus and plus button on the side that decreases or increases the intensity. If you have the intensity in low mode then the nub will rotate slowly whereas if the intensity is high then the nub rotates fast. This option is available in each of the settings. So, it is possible to turn the vibrations low and make the nub rotate faster as per your wish.

My Experience With Ora 2

The biggest issue related to the first Ora was that the nub was very small.  It could barely give any sensation down the clitoris. The movement of the tongue was good but was a little bit restrained. As my clitoris is a little bit different, I will need intense kind of vibration. But when it is in gentle mode, a little touch is enough.

A large and prominent nub was therefore upgraded which interested me very much. I thought of testing the Ora and Ora 2 one after one at a time and compare the difference. I was shocked to know that the difference was very huge. The nub present in Ora 2 has more noticeable flicking sensation as it rotated all over my clitoris. The best part was that I felt the nub stimulating deeper into the sides of the clitoral tissue. After using the Lelo Ora 2 for few minutes, I went back with the original one and was a little bit surprised that I could barely feel the nub.


I think that the Lelo Ora 2 is a best-upgraded version of the original and I love to use it. It is by far the unique product I have ever used. Since I am a power seeker, I always love a pin-point and powerful vibrations. I am satisfied with Lelo Ora 2. This is similar to both the Loki Wave and the Tor.

LELO Ora Premium Sensual Silicone Massager Waterproof, Deep Rose
Oral sex simulator designed for external stimulation; Combines circular strokes, fast flicks with surging sensations

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