Well, this one actually looks like a cartoon of the stomach or something really abstract in that sense. And this one surely promises a new kind of simulation that apparently reaches deep down into the clit. This definitely got me curious. I’d, however, advise you to go through LELO’s history just so you’re really okay with purchasing this product.

Physical Details

This is a Clitoral massager that uses Sonic Pulses. It uses sonic pulses and waves to give you that stimulation you need instead of the conventional motors that are being used usually around. They claim that this product can reach deep into your clit with these waves with minimum physical contact and get the best of your structure.

LELO doesn’t just make a suction on your clit, it somehow taps your clit using sonar pulses that gives you great pleasure without much of wear. They liken this to how sound waves make you feel if you stand in front of a grand big speaker.


It does look completely different from all the other kinds of vibrators you find all around. It is really small and light and fits well inside your hand. The back has a coating of ABS plastic, there’s a charging port on the base and the other end consists of the hole on one side and the rest of the controls on the other.


This is damn noisy. While it starts quietly when on moderate it goes to the end of the frequency when applied to the skin. I’m pretty sure I’ve always heard my neighbors complain whenever I turn this devil to work.


LELO SONA has a lock and you can unlock it by connecting it to the charger. You could also press and hold the (+) and (-) buttons for about five seconds. You can also lock it that way.

Charge the LELO SONA for about 2 hours before your first use. Place it wherever you want and turn it on by using the (+) button. To switch it off, hold the (-) button. Play with the (+) and (-) buttons and if you wish to meet all the 8 patterns, press the middle button ().

The LED light will pulse if you plug it in and it’ll get steady when it has completed charging. If the battery gets low, it will flash a white light. 2 hours of charging can get you about an hour of playtime.

Difference between LELO SONA Cruise

The Cruise model costs 30$ more and just makes sure you get consistent power by boosting the vibration, in any case, shall the vibrations damp down when you apply it to your skin. Although, I didn’t have any trouble with anything like a slowing motor so I don’t really find much benefit to it. This is found on our female sex toy listings.


These guys know how to do their packaging. You get a box which is pretty minimalistic, in which you have the SONA, a satin bag, a sample lube, a 1-year warranty card and a small bunch of booklets.

Materials and Care

This toy is mainly comprised of silicone. There’s a back cover which was ABS plastic and both of these are pretty body-safe and like all other LELO products, this has a silky texture. You find the Ina Wave and We Vibe on our site.

The toy is waterproof. You can clean inside, using a cotton swab perhaps, LELO also recommends you use their toy cleaner. Use a water-based lube.

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    Boom! My lady really enjoys our variety of toys. Although this toy requires careful attention to placement, when she wants it to be powerful and quick, this is it!

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