Review: Lelo Soraya

LELO SORAYA Most Beautiful, Dual-Action, High Performance Vibrator, Deep Rose
  • Body safe silicone
  • Fully waterproof
  • 8 adjustable stimulation modes
  • Fully rechargeable for up to 4 hours of pleasure
  • Lockable interface for easy traveling

Recently Lelo had to face a huge loss. A group of thieves really valued the safe sex so they decided to steal 30,000 Lelo Hex condoms. They also took 33 Lelo Hugos so that they can boot. Huge loss, isn’t it? My condolence goes out to Lelo in such a tough situation. But I would also want to use this situation to make a light joke.

Thought the thieves stole the stuff from Lelo, there are some things that Lelo stole from me too. My senses, my professionalism, my breathe and my status as a battle hardener power queen as well.

I was not that kind of person who brings out the vibrator at any instance. But the credit goes to Lelo Soraya who changed me. It can be called as the biggest sex heist of 2017.

The Lelo Soraya Range

The Lelo Soraya is basically a sex toy that has a double motor. The product has a rabbit eye design but has its own sleekly style approach. The twee bunny or the shabby rows of beads are totally outdated. Nowadays the users want a faux-metal ABS plastic side that accentuates smooth silence. Though the products are slim nowadays but have an effective clitoral probe.

The total length of Soraya Lelo is around 8.7 inches long. The shaft is a little bit curved and the frame is little narrower than most of the vibrators. This is because it monopolizes on the metal sides which is intended.

The ABS plastic present in the Soraya helps in hardening the sensations of the dildo. However, even the silicone section doesn’t offer full resistance form this effective firmness of the vibrations. There are many toys that are benefitted due to firm shafts and the Lelo Soraya is definitely among those toys. The product is so firm that you can angle the shaft in such a way that it will put some extra pressure on the G-Spot. the slim width of the product helps in accelerating. It also makes the vibrations to travel more effectively. The smooth and the buttery tenderness of the Lelo Soya lubricates your vagina up totally.

My Experience as a Woman

When I received the product first, I immediately turned it on. I wanted to feel the vibration and the impressive strength of the product. I was very impressed with its looks and feature and decided to put in my crotch through the jeans. I was amazed that within a few seconds I was bent over with climax with loud moans. I could not help but shout in excitement.

Ever since my first encounter with Soraya, I have never been disappointed. Generally, I hate rabbit vibrators but the Lelo Soraya is something else. I cannot stop thinking about it. The external prong of the product doesn’t feel that good like those in the shafts. But I am glad the product has multiple options.


Overall, I can say that I am satisfied with the Lelo Soraya. It is one of those few rabbits which are on my good list. However, the product has a few downsides like following its goals and make sure that the product gives a satisfying ride. This is similar to both the Loki Wave and the Tor.

LELO SORAYA Most Beautiful, Dual-Action, High Performance Vibrator, Deep Rose
Body safe silicone; Fully waterproof; 8 adjustable stimulation modes; Fully rechargeable for up to 4 hours of pleasure

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