Review: Njoy Eleven

njoy 11- Stainless Steel Massage Wand
  • Item Size 11", Insertable Length 8.5"
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistance: Waterproof
  • Includes Leather Tote for storage.

There is no point to give a short review on nJoy Eleven and it is not at all possible. You might think why am I saying that? The worse thing is that I even returned the product to Lovehoney for the refundable amount. Though I bought some more sex toys from the refundable money, I even sent some of the products to the custom drawings as well. I should thank Lovehoney for their return policy. This is because nJoy Eleven was really not suitable for me. It even hurt me physically sometimes.

My Expectations

I never bought the nJoy Eleven thinking that it would turn out to be a big failure. I was really excited to buy this product as it seemed like a masterpiece. Deep down everyone wants to have this awesome hunk of eleven-inch steel.

I was only pleased with the nJoy Eleven was when Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee used the product in episodes of Crashpad series. When the product arrived at my door, I was filled with joy and could not wait to use it. It looked like a self-defence item too.

My Experience With nJoy Eleven

When I used nJoy Eleven for the first time I was a little cautious as well as optimistic as the same time. The smaller end of the product was around 1.75 inches long which was pretty unrealistic. Since any metal substance will slide in a smooth way so I decided to start with the smaller end. I used some lubricants and pushed it in, the feeling was just awesome. However, after pushing the dildo in, there was nothing exceptional. The weight of 2.75lb was inside my Vagina. At the other end, there was nothing exciting at all. I could barely feel anything. I tried my level best and bore all the pain but I was just unable to put the larger end in.

I used some lubricants hoping that it would work. But the product was just not going in. I decided not to push myself further and kept the nJoy Eleven aside. Then I went on to use the Nobessence Seduction so that I could keep myself receptive to the large toys. After having an awesome orgasm I moved back to the nJoy Eleven again. After using a lot of lubricants I finally managed to put the larger part in with a little bit of pain. After pushing it in, I was amazed that the product literally felt nothing inside me. All could feel was the weight of the product.

However, after thrusting the nJoy Eleven rigorously for sometimes, I had a little orgasm. The worst part was when I tried to pull it out. It felt like my vagina would tear up. I was suddenly hit with a lot of pain in my body. My vagina had swollen up. This incident made me take a break from the larger sex toys. I was literally scared of using them. So, I would say that unlike others, I had not much great experience with the nJoy Eleven – we’ve listed this on our female sex toy page but don’t hesitate to check this out with your partner.


Maybe the nJoy Eleven works well for others but I am definitely not one of them. I can use it as a self-defence but not really for self-entertainment.This is similar to both the Loki Wave and the Tor.

njoy 11- Stainless Steel Massage Wand
Item Size 11", Insertable Length 8.5"; Materials: Stainless Steel; Water Resistance: Waterproof

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