Review: Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device

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Water Pussy is Male Masturbator Filled with Water,Pocket Pussy Sex Toys Inflated has Different Stimulation Experiences According Different Water Pressure(XL)
  • The Water Pussy design is unique,imitation of a woman's physical structure,it filled with warm water that like a girl's real big butt, which brings you a wonderful sexual experience through the tight vaginal stimulation.
  • It is filled with water to wrap the vagina to creating pressure, when you thrusting and strike each time,you can feeling extremely soft,she responds to your actions like a lover.
  • The vagina was designed through a through-through ,it's very easy to clean,bring you to enjoy the time of private passion.
  • It made of pure liquid silicone material, flexible and odor free,great touch feeling to use,you can get a better experience with organic lube.
  • The pocket pussy easy to carry when there no water in it. The product packaging is confidential, nobody knows what's inside.

Product Information

This is a male satisfaction device. The difference being that it needs to be filled with water or even air.
Soloflesh actually focuses on pressure instead of tightness. It fits snugly using pressure transmitted from warm water in it. The inner canal – a silicone tube extending along the center of the device – is the one where you insert your penis into and this is said to adjust to your size just like a woman does. They also claim that this canal is a cast of a live woman. You might feel a gentle warmth enveloping you depending on the temperature of the water you pour in. The inner canal shifts to you and gives you freedom of movement without affecting performance.

It was packaged in plain and discreet little box. It did look like a hot water bag and it also looked pretty depressed owing to the fact that it was deflated. It might look like rubber, but Soloflesh states that it is 100 percent silicone. I don’t find much of a reason to doubt this either. The product doesn’t smell and feels like the other products I’ve used. Silicone is the best body safe substance so far, so yeah, that looks good. If you are looking for a more upto date sex toy, take a read of kiiroo keon review and what they have to offer.

You are expected to use it for about 96 times, assuming you use it for 30 minutes each time. But honestly, it all depends on how vigorous you are with the device. Keep it far away from dangerous or sharp objects and keep a look out for thin areas.

Filling and Emptying

Although they do have a manual explaining how to go about filling and emptying the device, You’ll surely find it to be a really messy job. It’s pretty straightforward, you plug your tap/faucet into the hole, and fill the main section. Just keep a lookout for the canal shooting out from the vaginal entrance because this will be a complete pain in your ass. Seal the neck real tight and get your tap/faucet out and fix the Velcro strap and seal it close. It would seem pretty hard for first timers, but soon you’d get used to it and find better ways of doing this without any hassle.

The weight and the size of the device actually inhibits your rhythm development, but it still can be used in an enjoyable way if you take things slow and enjoy it deep. The rippled insides of the canal and the abstract pressing of the warm water from all sides could make you feel home. The only downside being that you can’t feel the pubic bone like that of a woman so that could make you feel less tight. These toys are all compatible with free mobile porn sites and VR! If you keep it somewhere and prefer to thrust into it rather than thrusting it on you, you could even feel the wobbly exteriors making it feel all that more realistic.
It is also possible to fill it up with air, and you need only blow into it. This could take away the fear of water splashing everywhere should something happen in case of water, but it could also mean you don’t feel much of that reality you get with water.


Although with all that going, you still could feel restricted to some extent with all the fear of the device bursting somehow and you end up with a puddle of liquid of different sorts!
So even though it could be enjoyable, it’s not all that easy to overlook the other issues that the device arrives with. I wouldn’t really recommend it to a lot of people, hence, even though, you still could enjoy it beyond that.

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