Review: Tenga Flip Hole White Male Masturbator

This is a popular series of male masturbators, which come in four colors and four separate internal structures to that. The Flip Hole is refreshingly discreet. At a glance you might first take it for a Bluetooth speaker than for a sex toy.

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The Flip Hole consists of a slide cap and the body, the slide cap being mostly on. When in storage, the cap is on so that it covers the entrance whole. When in use, the Slide Cap is taken off and re-positioned so that it securely closes the body and leaves the entrance open. The white exterior is hard plastic and the translucent parts consist of a smooth, squishy, gel-like material. At the entrance you have the lip flap and the shield flap which help prevent air and lubricant from escaping. Next there’s the orb and series of spheres on one side, the other side of your shaft will experience a more softly-jagged texture. As you push forward further, the canal tightens for a moment before you reach the “End Orb”, designed to tightly envelop the head of the penis.

How to Clean

You can clean your Tenga Flip Hole by sliding the cap off the body. Rinse under running water, with soap. Don’t use anything too acidic or too alkaline as it may damage the texture of your pleasure toy. After washing, place it like a tent. After a few hours, shake off any water amounts stuck in the crevices and then prop it up again. After drying, place the cap back to cover the entrance. Store in a drawer or likewise, similar products are listed on our male sex toys page.

This is a totally reusable product but that doesn’t mean it is indestructible. As the squishy body is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer, it would not last as long as a toy made from silicone. It is also porous so it is best not shared with others to prevent spread of infection and germs. Rinse it thoroughly after each use and dry well to avoid molding. If you find any moldy smell or the gel structure breaking apart, it means you’ve used it far too long and it is time to get a new one.

Tips when using the Tenga Flip

To keep your Tenga Flip Hole lasting long, use a pretty good amount of lubricant. The Flip Hole does come with 3 lubricant samples -Mild, Wild and Real. We got you covered. Mild is fairly thick, wild is thin with a menthol dash and Real falls somewhere in the middle.

The Flip Hole’s case is designed to be comfortable to hold, you can squeeze the Flip Hole down so that it flattens. This is a huge plus. It can accommodate up to around 5.5” – 6.0” of length. On the exterior are three button-like pads. The bottom pad increases the snugness of insertion, the middle pad increases suction and the upper pad increases the snugness around the head of the penis when fully inserted.

Overall, the Tenga Flip hole is a sleek, discreet fantastic, intense-texture deliver of pure sexual sensation.

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