Review: The Sybian (with Medium Attachment)

The Tremor - Rock & Roll Sex Toy - Sex Machine - Compare to Sybian
  • Removable Silicone Comfort Pad - The removable silicone comfort pad is dishwaser safe for easy cleanup.
  • Ergonomical A-Frame Design - Molded ABS Plastic A-Frame designed for comfort and control of how deeply the user sits on the machine.
  • Single Handed Remote Control - Control the Tremor Rock & Roll with a single hand via the wired remote control so you can focus on your pleasure and not switches and knobs.
  • What comes in The Tremor box? The Tremor includes everything you need to start Rocking and Rolling right out of the box! Simple setup and the Quick Start Guide will have you making some noise in minutes. The Tremor has a FULL 2 Year Warranty too! **SIGNATURE REQUIRED UPON DELIVERY**
  • Interchangable and Compatible Attachments - The Tremor ships with two silicone attachments; but is also designed to be compatible with attachments from Sybian and Motorbunny
Medium Sybian Attachment - Beige
  • Molded in the USA from high quality materials that do not contain latex
  • Nubbed front portion massages the clitoris for maximum pleasure
  • Our most popular attachment and also serves as the base for all covers - 1.33" D & 4.25" L
  • A slight slant in one direction helps to firmly massage the G-Spot.
  • For use solely with the Sybian machine

I was given the privilege to ride this device (or to be more righteous, strap myself on it as it did me and put me to new levels of sexual pleasure.

Using this Sex Machine

The couple Ian and his wife are fans of fuck-machines, but not a lot of people buy these as they are quite expensive. So that’s when they decided to rent it.

The Sybian is delivered to clients via courier service and is locked with two combination padlocks so you won’t have to worry about people peeking inside at the contents. The delivery was pretty neat, and quick and the notifications were accurate and it wasn’t such a hard thing to get it down at the place.

The hygiene of the rental service is pretty much a good highlight. The pieces of stuff are cleaned before and after it is sent to you and attachments are never used again. So you would be left a souvenir.

My experience was a completely positive one. Instructions were provided about how it should be packed and how everything worked. All was just in order.

Using the Sybian

The Sybian feels like a whole new different league for me. It wasn’t just a vibration or a tumor somewhere inside. It was a roar, a wave of pleasure. Beyond every small little dildo, you could think of. It’s the ultimate solution to a heart-filling orgasm.

The seat is close to 13.25 inches wide and 12.5 along with its length. It also has power cords, wires to the controls, stool, various stems, attachments and Red risers.

This list can look tiring initially, but after working it out, you’ll get the going of it.

The Sybian’s different attachments give different feelings to the clit. These could include raised lines or other features on the insertable sections. Water-based lubes work best.

It provides two different feelings of pleasure which falls along the line of rotation and vibration. These could be used to your wish, combining or mixing the way you want. More on this lies in the manual to the Sybian. The stool is for your partner so you’ll both be on the same level while you use it.

Fixing the Settings for you

This device is optimized for orgasms specifically pertaining to female users and as such, it tops humping techniques. Rocking your pelvis back and forth, just the right way to push your clit down to the Sybian can give you intense orgasms. The vibrations can go really up to rpms close to 6000 that could please any power queen.

Towards the higher levels, you feel your thighs being subject to that vigorous humping and it definitely feels damn good. I wasn’t really all that pleased with the rotations which actually made it a little uncomfortable.

The noise produced is enormous, like that of a car engine. It could put your sexual energy out sometimes. Body safety could be an issue for you as the materials used are not exactly silicone-friendly. Using a condom might help, depending on your preference.

There might be people who might want this kind of hardcore experience and there might be others who just fancy it once a month perhaps. Either way, this is one ultimate powerhouse you might want to try if you’re looking for something stronger.

Motorbunny (Latest Edition)
Motorbunny (Black), Bunny Rest, A/C Adaptor; 4 TPE Attachments; Bluetooth Capable (Sold Separately)

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