Review: Uberkinky Humbler

CBT Adjustable Black Wooden Humbler
  • Secure the family jewels with the Humbler
  • Wood and metal hardware
  • Adjustable to desired pain level from 0"-1.5"
  • Easy adjust wingnut
  • Measures: 15.5" long

This is a device used for bondage or more specifically, ball and cock torture.
Meant for males, it is supposed to be worn behind the thighs and supposed to trap and pull the scrotum down during wear. It holds the balls pulled back between the legs and keeps the scrotal sac stretched. The victim will have difficulty straightening the legs or the body. This is how it is called the Humbler.

Information about the UberKinky Humbler

Made from varnished wood, it is easy to clean up after use. The humbler is 15.75 inches long and the hole in the center is 2×0.7 inches. Metal screws and wing nuts furnish the design. It looks pretty simple, but it’ll take you a few rounds to get everything done the way you want.

My Experience

It was actually the design of the device that actually caused me a greater trouble than getting it attached myself. The bolts were pretty tight and even though I got them removed, it took a great deal of work to get the two pieces of wood apart. Again, it took me another good while to get the bolts back together as they kept spinning loosely in the hole in the wood. Once I got it tightened up (I even thought of getting a screwdriver down to business) it was all good.
One thing to take care of: Don’t let any of the loose skin out of the slot where it’s supposed to be. This can make it really painful when you place the two blocks of wood onto it and begin to tighten it. Everything is best done when all the skin is inside the slot where it’s supposed to be.

The Victim’s Experience

In no case was the pain anything like that of squeezing the balls or even crushing them. The discomfort was definite but it isn’t so harmful either. The pain is actually caused by stretching the ball sac towards the back, which would feel much like a squeeze than a crush. Then the intensity of pain depended directly on his body position and posture. Being hunched up hurt least and if you tried straightening up it spikes to the top. So there you go, you get how it feels. I don’t think any guy would stand up straight with this on.
Although he described the pain as a cramp-like, weak ache mostly towards his groins and a small extent into the penis and a little bit more towards the lower belly. It feels good to me because, when I tell him to stand up, he feels vulnerable as his testicles are exposed and potential of abuse at the back and that just makes him feel nervous and submissive.


The Humbler looks like a pretty simple device with no high-end technology or gearing that make it any complicated. It is a pair of two simple pieces of wood with some nuts and some bolts that can be used as an ultimately simple but efficient piece of pleasure. It could be used to humiliate him, torture him or even make him vulnerable and hence submissive and that’s really pleasurable for a simple device as this.

CBT Adjustable Black Wooden Humbler
Secure the family jewels with the Humbler; Wood and metal hardware; Adjustable to desired pain level from 0"-1.5"

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