Review: We-Vibe 3

Waterproof G Spot Vibrator with Quiet Dual Motor 9 Vibration Modes,PALOQUETH Clitoris Stimulator Couples Vibrator Toy with Magnetic USB Rechargeable Design for Couple Play,Wireless Remote
  • Charges on magnetic charger in 120 minutes for up to 90 minutes of play-The charger is very interesting how it can just magnetically stick to the two metal circles on the outside and charge the toy without issue while keeping the inside dry.
  • 100% waterproof vibrator for shared stimulation during lovemaking or solo play -He will feel the enhanced sensations against his shaft and testicles while she will enjoy sensational G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Everyone's a winner.
  • 9 Adjustable Vibration Functions - The vibration provides a sensation that is hard to be produced solely by manual work, because the 9 modes just lead you to a journey that lets you enjoy 9 different manners of stimulation.
  • Body-safe Silicone Material - The clitoris stimulator has that great silky smooth silicone feel so it feels exceptional on her spots it touches. Being silicone it cleans easily and you can have it ready for your (or her with your) next adventure.
  • Wireless Remote Controller - Remote control-operable from up to 10 feet away for exciting play-You will love the fact that it can be controlled with the remote by you for solo play or with your partner.

Physical Details

The WE-VIBE 3 is a dual-vibrator, usually used during normal sex (PIV). It is waterproof and comes with a remote control to control all that six vibration modes and it is surely rechargeable. The silicone isn’t all that velvety and feels more like sticky. You’d have a hard time keeping dust or hair away and if you also got pets at home, Good Luck to you. When buying it, it almost sounded like I was getting the best-on-the-line rabbit vibrator along with my boyfriend. But who thought this would go so wrong huh?

The remote control appeared to be a good feature. At first it seemingly worked from even 10 feet away but later on, it decided it had to be close right up beside the We-Vibe. It’s not all that consistent so be warned.

It’s acceptably quiet but I wouldn’t wear it in a really silent gathering. Although it would be okay if I’d be doing something behind closed doors later on. The stuff is not all that powerful and for people with steel clit, you don’t want to imagine how you’re going to make it. The external arm vibrates stronger and you don’t really have much control over either arm individually.

My experience

The arms were flexible enough so getting in place wasn’t really all that much of a fuzz. It didn’t have any seam to it as well, so there weren’t any seam issues like you have with other seamed simulators either. So I was pretty happy I got it snugly in place without having to cry out or yell out.

The weak vibrations were good enough to get me aroused, but that was all there was to it. It wasn’t all that memorable or mind-blowing but it was just buzzy. Twenty minutes inside and my clit started getting pretty numb. Being flexible, moving it out wasn’t really a problem, so there you have some good side to it.

During sex with my boyfriend, the vibe felt really good and even better in the missionary position. But I didn’t feel much of a thrust in the missionary position. My G-spot was covered with the vibrator which actually reduced my boyfriend’s thrust to a good extent. It wasn’t a really glowing feedback that he gave back either. He told me he felt snug going in as the vibe took up a portion of the space inside. Though the vibration didn’t do him any good. It wasn’t bad, but it felt better without it. It also gets uncomfortable in the doggy style.

Initially, I expected it to be a hands-free operation. But it turned out for the worse. Every time we tried a different position or my boyfriend took out his penis, the vibrator just flopped out onto the floor like a sad little fish. Find different toys that may suite your style on our female toy page.


The WE-VIBE 3 can get you turned on just well enough to want an orgasm. But be warned, that’s the limit to this toy. So I’d better pull it out and have sex rather than have it covering the way for my boyfriend. So it wouldn’t be all of a couple’s toy!

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