We Vibe Tango Review

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We-Vibe Tango, Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator with Precision Tip for Clitoral Stimulation | Pink
  • Two hours of play on a single charge
  • 100% waterproof
  • 8 vibration modes. Recharge Time - 90-minute
  • 1-button pleasure control
  • Low-power alert indicator

The Tango doesn’t look for to thrill with any type of stunning layout or look. It doesn’t need to. The Tango is a tiny, enchanting little object. I say enchanting due to the fact that the shade of blue is so charming, so nondescript, and so humble. When I held it in my hand for the very first time, it was so underwhelming that I questioned exactly how something so ordinary-looking might get such great testimonials.

In spite of its easy design, it includes a great deal of features. It has 4 consistent states of resonance and 4 pulsation patterns. This is the very first vibe that I’ve actually wanted the pulsation patterns. I typically simply skip them, yet this vibe is so solid that I locate the differing pulsation patterns fascinating.


A little yellow light begins when the battery is reduced. It’s waterproof and rechargeable. The Tango isn’t really silicone, however a body-safe ABDOMINAL polycarbonate. Charging is a little bit finicky. The Tango utilizes a cool magnetic billing dock, but the magnet isn’t really solid. This means that a bump or a pull of the cable will quickly separate the vibe from its source of power.

It’s likewise surprisingly silent. As in, it’s in fact silent. Not the “we vow it’s murmur peaceful but, actually, it wakes the dead” kind of quiet. It can be softly learnt through throughout a tiny area. It could not be heard through wall surfaces. I really like the audio it makes: a reduced, deep, resonating grumble.


It’s the best vibe I’ve experienced to date. Let me place it this way: A really good means to frighten a person sitting alongside you would be to silently turn the Tango on and place it on a hard surface. It bounces externally so carefully that it rapidly we vibe tango becomes the loudest point in the area, similar to a firecracker. This point is solid. Individuals with delicate clits may find happiness in its lowest vibration. The toughest setup is explosive.

Most importantly, its stamina is rumbly, not buzzy. This implies that you will not obtain numb after 30 secs of pushing it versus your clitoris. I have not gone numb when using the Tango, which is a first for me because most feelings make me numb to some extent after 10 mins or two.


Now, I have no idea about you, yet 10 orgasms in one sitting are unimaginable for me. You might be striking 20 an evening (you saucy minx, you), but I have actually only ever before gotten up to 6 in eventually. And that was years back. This has actually never ever occurred prior to.

Simply puts, we vibe tango did greater than other vibe, excitement, or hand has actually done. With its deep rumbly vibrations and identify stimulation, it made me defeat my climax record. I assume this was feasible due to the fact that, generally talking; my clitoris goes numb and feels extremely sensitive after just a couple of orgasms. In some way, the tango’s certain rumbly vibrations don’t have this effect of me, so I have the ability to keep going.

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