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Review: Lelo Gigi 2

Soft Toying Intimacy with Lelo Gigi 2 The dildo lelo gigi 2 has its pros and cons yet overall the design and the use is quite the same as that of other female sex toys in the market. The very idea of having a dildo is full of anticipation and this is especially so with... Read More »

Review: Pedro Cactus Dildo

Pedro Dildo with Amazing Effect If you have not tested the Pedro, then you are surely missing out on something. Unlike the other dildo, this one is attractive in its unique appeal as well good to give you the stimulating and culminating orgasmic effect. The cactus shape is pretty cool for a dildo like this.... Read More »

Review: Vegetable Dildos

Myriad Colorful Dildos of Vegetable Descent Now your choice is more and varied. There are mindboggling numbers of vegetables that are sold not as vegetables but resemble the exact replica. You may already know the answer and these are a set of vegetable sex toy for tickling and screwing into your vagina. You have a... Read More »

Review: Spunk Lube

Lubricating Dildos with Spunk Lube Generally, people use any kind of lubrication for their dildos. This may be all right if the dildo is working fine. Yet the fact of the matter is that any lube may be quite wrong or has implications within the body. You know there are enough side effects associated with... Read More »

Review: Fleshlight Aliens

Fleshlight Dildo Freaks from Aliens When we were asked to review the newly displayed blue colored alien fleshlight we thought them as the same as any other sex toys in the market. But on careful scrutiny, we found surprise after surprise and saw that this dildo was worth it. It took us little time when... Read More »

Review: Corn Cob Dildo

Dildo with Corn Size Ecstatic Moments The uniqueness of this dildo is all too apparent in its texture that looks quite like a replica of a corn. Don’t eat for it is not meant for that. Yet keep it away from any person who noses around too much and you happen to have a lot... Read More »

Review: Hot Octopus Queen Bee

Body Safe Hot Octopus Queen Bee Dildo You now have a dildo that really rocks and is quite safe medically. This dildo gadget is made of medical grade TPE which is used in all hospitals and medical clinics and therefore quite body safe. But the best of the stuff is that it is also pretty... Read More »

Review: Tenga Egg

A Review on Tenga Egg for Males The online market is flooded with numerous male sex toys. Undoubtedly, the male toys sell in greater quantities than female dildos. Yet, the women these days aren’t far behind. From my regular studies and analysis of the market, I have come to know that this sex toy has... Read More »

Review: Jack Hammer Jesus

Spiritual Endorsement with Jack Hammer Jesus The jesus dildo also known as Jack Hammer Jesus is surely going to raise the quality of your sex life with or without your partner’s assistance. For some people, this may look a bit outrageous with Jesus carving yet for those not so religiously inclined this is a thing... Read More »

Fleshlight Review

Flashlight! Fleshlight? What is this? While individuals are still exploring their body, they would like to use different kinds of stimulating devices for experimentation. And in this case, the toys made for males and females are quite different. One such toy is Fleshlight deep-dive. This is an ecstasy-inducing product is in the shape of a... Read More »

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