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Review: Suction Cup Dildo

Traditional Dildos with the Suction Cup As the world is progressing towards getting modernized, the demands of the people are getting higher up as well in terms of versatility and comfort. People today look for the things that are easy on the pocket, safe and yet does their work efficiently. Sex is an integral part... Read More »

Review: CB6000 Chastity Device

This arrives from a UK based specialist in strap-ons, who also sold a range of other BDSM gear. The most famous of the CB series was the polycarbonate see-through one. There are different finishes to the CB6000s such as chrome, wood and camouflage. All being completely unique across each device made. Description of the CB6000... Read More »

Review: Uberkinky Humbler

This is a device used for bondage or more specifically, ball and cock torture. Meant for males, it is supposed to be worn behind the thighs and supposed to trap and pull the scrotum down during wear. It holds the balls pulled back between the legs and keeps the scrotal sac stretched. The victim will... Read More »

Review: Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device

Soloflesh PSD was discounted, we’ve got the perfect replacement! Product Information This is a male satisfaction device. The difference being that it needs to be filled with water or even air. Soloflesh actually focuses on pressure instead of tightness. It fits snugly using pressure transmitted from warm water in it. The inner canal – a... Read More »

Review: KinkLab Neon Wand

Although the KinkLab Neon Wand might look pretty scary with all the science buzz around it and the zapping of skin with an electrode of glass, it’s nothing to worry about all that much. Nothing to get nervous about. And hey, it’s not all that prickly or painful and to be honest, if you’re trying... Read More »

Review: Vibease

Physical Details The Vibease is a cool wearable vibrator which could be controlled by your phone, via Bluetooth. This is a public product and it is supposed to be worn out there in public. It definitely stays where you want it to stay and it might work better if you wear boxer briefs. This toy... Read More »

Review: The Sybian (with Medium Attachment)

I was given the privilege to ride this device (or to be more righteous, strap myself on it as it did me and put me to new levels of sexual pleasure. Using this Sex Machine The couple Ian and his wife are fans of fuck-machines, but not a lot of people buy these as they... Read More »

Review: RealDoll RealCock 2

Physical Details The REALCOCK 2 is pretty much the only seemingly-live sized dildo I might ever come across. It is handmade, it is from REALDOLL, the manufacturer of sex dolls of silicone. They specialize in creating real-life experiences. I was damn curious. Design This is a strange replica of a large round penis. 9 inches... Read More »

Review: We-Vibe 3

Physical Details The WE-VIBE 3 is a dual-vibrator, usually used during normal sex (PIV). It is waterproof and comes with a remote control to control all that six vibration modes and it is surely rechargeable. The silicone isn’t all that velvety and feels more like sticky. You’d have a hard time keeping dust or hair... Read More »

Review: Satisfyer Pro 2

It’s not exactly a very sexy-looking item in the world and it isn’t technically a vibrator. This is a sophisticated instrument providing touch-free wave stimulation made simpler just for you. Among the features of the Satisfyer Pro 2 are its lightweight nature, ease of grip and the way it is fabulous. The Satisfyer Pro 2... Read More »

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