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Hustler Wireless Remote-Control Vibrating Panties

With more people looking to spice up their sex lives with innovative sex toys, vibrating panties have garnered popularity. Moreover, the remote-operated vibrating panties allow for sexy times without touching your partner. It is ideal for gradually building pleasure for individuals keen on delayed gratification in sex. Features of Hustler wireless vibrating panties Hustler’s wireless... Read More »

Bluetooth Vibrators

What makes Bluetooth vibrators unique? The range of sex toys over time has advanced alongside technological advancements, making like more comfortable. Bluetooth vibrator is one such progress that allows you to control it from a distance. It is controlled by connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth application. Fundamentally, a Bluetooth vibrator is operated and... Read More »

Homemade Anal Lube

Best homemade anal lubes to spice up your sex life The Over the years, one-night stands have become quite a common scenario. The mindset of persons has changed considerably where the sexual beliefs once perceived as taboo are becoming trends today. It has also encouraged many couples to try various types of coupling, right from... Read More »

Dildo Mounts

All you need to know about Dildo Mounts Are you looking for a hands-free dildo experience? Dildo mount is the perfect solution for hands-free, at both individual and couple level. It is an ideal sex toy to indulge in while you use your hands for wandering over other intimate areas. A few of these dildo... Read More »

Penis Vibrators

An introduction to Penis Vibrators 2019 The popularity of vibrators used by women made possible the concept of penis vibrators. It takes both individual and couple intimacy to a whole new level of erotic adventure. Penis vibrators come in various shapes, penis sleeves and cock rings are the two popular forms of penis vibrators. There... Read More »

Canola Oil as Lube

Is canola oil the best lube? When lost in passion and find no lubricant around, you will naturally tend to look for a home-based alternative. Canola oil is one such home-based lubricant used by many individuals. However, there are few aspects one must consider for determining if it is an ideal lube for vaginal and... Read More »

Best Clit Vibrator

Clit vibrators are getting popular in these days Female vibrators are gadgets from a series of optional, but certainly useful for girls who want to get to know themselves and their bodies better, to diversify their sex life and to find erogenous zones that they could only guess about earlier. Experts confirm that the ability... Read More »

Popular Sex Toys

Sex toys can give you the ultimate pleasure which you desire Everyone is different, differently built and has different feelings and reactions. Not only that but also our wishes and desires change and evolve in the course of time. That is why there are many different types of vibrators for sale. Are you a clit... Read More »

Realistic Strap on Dildo

Strap on harness gives a couple better pleasure than ordinary dildo Do you like experimenting and are you ready for something new, something that makes your sexual intimacy even stronger? Have you ever thought of having sex with a strap-on-dildo or strap-on? How erotic would it be to turn over the roles in your bed?... Read More »

Fleshlight Sleeves for Masturbation Review

Fleshlight sleeves can give you the pleasure you desire Most companies make love with 3 different positions. Often for both comfortable and fine positions that were certainly very exciting in the beginning. But just like every day eating oysters, the same position does not get that way after a while. And why not try a... Read More »