Best Sex Positions With Your Sex Sofa

You need to attempt the combined orgasm if you are planning to treat your woman to a mind blowing orgasm. It offers her the satisfaction of both clitoral and vaginal orgasm in one session and most women are fans of both. It may take a little practice for you to master the technique once you do, your woman is going to ask for it more frequently – especially when using a Sex Sofa. For those who have mastered the technique with the fundamental vanilla position, transfer to the next level with these positions for mixed orgasms:

The L position: In this position, your woman rests on her back near the edge of the bed. The hips need to be resting on the edge of the bed. Since combined orgasms need you to strike the G spot, putting a couple of pillows below the hips. Position yourself in front of her such that you both form an L and thrust, including use with a Sex Machine.

When Using the Sex Sofa

Reverse cowgirl: With the woman on top, it is simple for you to access her clit. Attempt the reverse cowgirl so that you can strike the G-spot much better. In this position, she is on leading and dealing with far from you. After stiring her clit, transfer to this position and permeate. Begin rubbing her clit in the same speed and enjoy her orgasm like never previously once she is in the ideal groove.

Spooning: Any position that provides you access to her clit is the best one for mixed orgasms. Likewise bear in mind that striking the G-spot is similarly crucial. Snuggle with each other and begin sluggish if spooning is your preferred position. Move to mixed when you feel her reaching climax.

Putting work in with a Tantra Chair

Doggy style: Get in your preferred doggy style position whether standing or flexing over the edge of the bed or chair. You can stir it or ask her to please herself while you pull her ponytail and take this a notch up if you can access her clit. This is going to as wild as it gets in doggy style.

The wedge: In this position, the man kneels down and rests on his heels while the woman rests in front of him. Change position for the ideal penetration and while you are at it, you can experiment with her feet too. Lick them, draw them, or kiss. This position enables a much deeper penetration while pleasing your foot fetish. It’s completely satisfying.
The toe grip: The right and left toe need to form a tight grip. The man inserts his penis in between the strokes and soles. This resembles a foot job and is very exciting as it develops both visual and sensuous stimulation.

Simulation for you both

The 69 variation: Here the woman rests on top of the man to provide him a blow job while he pleases his foot fetish. If you desire to provide your man the time of his life (offered he has a foot fetish), this is a fantastic technique.

These are all terrific ways to keep your man intrigued in you both romantically and sexually. You need to attempt these ideas if you desire to spice up your sex life and make sure that he will never leave you. Yes, relationships are work however the work that you take into it can be truly fun and actually pleasurable. Make it that way for you and your man now.

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