How To Clean Your Sex Toys

All the sex toys are not made from the same materials, so, the care for them should also not be the same. Cleaning the sex toys properly is really an important thing for your health, safety and the longevity of the toys. One should keep in mind that when it comes to the safety of the non-fluid partners, it will be safe to use the toys that can be sanitised. One can also use condoms to cover the toys. In this article, you will get to know about the porous and non-porous sex toys. The non-porous sex toys can be shared safely.

Before you start using the sex toys, take some time and inspect the toy visually. Check if there is any broken or cracked part that could damage your tissue. Turn on the toy to check the batteries and look if they are strong and recently charged. No one loves to stop in half of the jerkoff.

Cleaning Methods For Different Sex Toys

Since all the sex toys are not made equally so the cleaning method of the toys will also be different. Below here we will provide you details about how to clean a sex toy and get to know all about the sex toy cleaner


Silicone sex toys are non-porous and can be sanitised fully. However, any cleaning method can be used to clean them. If you are not sure about your product that it is silicone or not then you can do the flame testing to do the checking. Sometimes the flame test is quite hard to decipher and might show confusing results. It depends on the type of Silicon you are using but one thing you will be sure that all Silicones catch fire.

How To Clean Silicone Sex Toys

You will have a number of option to clean the Silicone sex toys. How thorough are you going to clean the toys depends on the items. If you are using the item for anal play then you can boil it after few uses. Though Silicones are considered non-porous but are actually microporous and can hang on to odours for a long time. However, if the toy is a vibrator and the Silicone skin is not covered fully then a special attention is needed between the plastic portion, Silicone portion and around the buttons. If you don’t know how to clean a vibrator then you should read all the instructions before you try to wash them.

Glass, Ceramic, Wood

Such types of toys are generally non-porous. One can use the wipe down method for many circumstances. You have to examine the ceramic or glass toys every time for the cracks before using them. If you find any crack then replace the toy immediately as they might hurt your sensitive tissues.

Cleaning Wood Sex Toys

Most of the wooden sex toys are finished in lacquer and polyurethane which is body safe totally. But there are some small crafts that are rub in little coats of wax or oils. In such cases, the dildo is temporarily non-porous or waterproof. It is important for you to examine these items carefully after each and every use. Some of the dildos have natural finish whereas the professionals have a permanent finish. It is important that you use a soft cloth to clean the toys and avoid using abrasive cleaners.

How To Clean Glass Dildo

To keep things on the safe side, I would recommend that it will better not to put the glass toy in high temp of boiling water or any dishwasher. You might not know how to clean a dildo and become really sad to ruin a good toy. Though it can be boiled or cleaned in dishwater the temperature should be maintained really well. Before you put the dildo in the pot, use a small hand towel to put in the pot. This will prevent the dildo from cracking up at the side of the pot.


These kinds of toys are really safe to use and have proven to be free form of phthalates, toxin etc. They are porous as well. All the thermoplastics started with the hard plastics and had to be softened. You can use some mineral oil to soften the plastic. These are unstable materials and breaks down over the time like those in the melted jar of sex toys. However, if you have an allergy to mineral oil then you might have some reaction with the TPR toys.

Cleaning TPR

TPR is a porous material. This is not at all good as the porous toys can give you a lot of infection, bacterial vaginosis and expose your vagina or anus to harsh mould or chemicals. There is no method of cleaning that will sanitise the toys to make them safe. Since you cannot sanitize these toys, you can use simple soap and water to clean them. The products which are sold as anti-bacterial will also not work here. This is because they clean the surface only but the bacteria and the mildew are making homes in the pores.

It is really important to think about your safety along with the pleasure. The sex toys are one of the best companions of any women but can also turn out to be dangerous if not cleaned properly.