Mr Hankeys Sex Toys and Dildos Review

Soft silicone Nick Capra dildo, an intense sex toy

While watching porn, straight or gay, we are amazed by the size of their shaft’s length and thickness. It’s also common to long for the kind of pleasure that sort of length and thickness offers. The sort of width and girth of specific porn stars like Nick Capra constitute sexual dreams. When you get your hands on the silicone replica of the famous porn star, the experience is truly amazing.

Nick Capra life cast dildo is a squishy sex toy not just for anal sex but also for vaginal sex. The 75% silicone dildo feels like the real deal for incredible stimulation. The dildo stimulates the g-spot and the p-spot; it is ultimately created to stretch the vagina and the anal cavity. It is aimed to provide the feeling of fulness craved while having sex.

What makes it different?

Nick Capra’s shaft is thicker after the bulbous head, which urges the vaginal walls to clench around it. The soft silicone material provides a skin-like feel enabling you to experience real-life hard-on. Compared to the real-deal, Nick Capra silicone dido’s head bends backward for comfort and pleasure.

While using the dildo one feels full experiencing perfect stimulation for intense pleasure. Nick Capra dildo also has a vac-u-lock hole ideal for inserting bullet vibrators. Thus, it turns into a vibrating dildo when you add a vibrating bullet. You can experiment with various patterns and speed for that extra edge.

Most often, dildos lose the charm as one craves real skin and hard-on. Nick Capra dildo is used best for real-life penetrative sex as the hard-on is life-like. However, the dildo features a bend in the shaft, which is preferred by some while others like it harder. Overall, it takes self-thrusting up a notch, especially with the slot for inserting small and intense vibrators.

Available in various sizes

Mr. Hanky’s brand also has the standard density dildos apart from Nick Capra dildo for a sturdy erection. However, unlike Nick Capra dildo, it does not yield a real skin feel. Moreover, Nick Capra dildo comes in various sizes where the smallest is already enormous. The other three larger versions are suitable for more advanced or experienced users.

The real-life like hard-on is what makes Nick Capra dildo a must-have when you need to experience perfect stimulation. The vac-u-lock feature of the dildo is yet another aspect that adds on to the pleasure factor. The squishy tactical-shaped appendage at the base of the shaft further enhances real-life penetration effect. It also is ideal for holding while fondling it to feel like holding a real shaft.

For beginners, however, the size may be quite intimidating; thus, they can opt for the smaller-sized dildos from Mr. Hanky’s. For advanced users, Nick Capra is the next level of sex toy when they want more than a dildo. While the bullet vibrator enhances the thrusts, it is optional. While some may prefer to enhance the experience, others may want the natural feel. Overall, Nick Capra dildo is a must-have for sex toy collectors.

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