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Sex toys can give you the ultimate pleasure which you desire

Everyone is different, differently built and has different feelings and reactions. Not only that but also our wishes and desires change and evolve in the course of time. That is why there are many different types of vibrators for sale. Are you a clit girl, a G-spotter or both? Do you like that well-filled feeling in your vagina or do you like it anal or all at the same time? Everybody is different. It’s about how you get excited and enjoy. Play with yourself, make fun and find out what you find exciting. Once you know this, the search for the vibrator that gives you the most pleasure becomes much easier.

Some toys are purely for your clitoris. You do not want something in you and you like hard vibrations in one place. They are ideal for masturbating. You can also stimulate your nipples, vulva or other erogenous zones. Tease yourself by moving the stimulator around the outer parts of your clitoris for a long time, so that you become more and more excited. A clitoral vibrator or clitoral stimulator is also useful during a frolic with your partner because many women need extra clitoral stimulation during sex to get ready.

Clitoral stimulators are usually small and compact and come in a box that you can put in your handbag. The latest generation of clitoral stimulators have a stylish design, are waterproof and rechargeable. There are list of sex toys/ popular sex toys which can help you in your sexual activity.

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Vibrator for the G-Spot

V judge: 1. Suitable for women, solo or together with a partner.

  1. Curved shape special for easy stimulation of the G-spot. The G-spot orgasm is intense and can lead to spraying or squirting. G-Spot vibrators are available in all price categories

If you would like to discover where you can find your G-spot, go with your fingers +/- 3a5 cm deep into your vagina, then feel reciting your belly a rougher, spongy tissue. That is the place you should stimulate with a G-spot vibrator. That is why most g-spot vibrators have a curvature or a bulge that directly stimulates your hot spot. Some women who do not get clitoral orgasm experience more pleasure by stimulation of the G spot. Therefore, exploring g-spot can be a great experience, and bring about deeper, intense orgasms, sometimes even with spraying or ejaculation as a result. So ladies, start looking for your own G-spot.

Tarzan Duo Vibrator

V judge: 1. Suitable for women, solo or together with a partner

  1. Simultaneous stimulation of clitoris and vagina
  2. With these vibrators, women are most likely to have an orgasm.
  3. Tarzan vibrators have two and sometimes three vibration motors

As far as orgasm is concerned, most women need multiple stimulations. This can be done in many ways, eg.  by double penetration with the penis of your partner in your vagina and a butt plug in your anus or g-spot vibrator with clitoral stimulation. Multiple simulations can be the last push that you need for a splashing orgasm. You have to figure out what, and which combination works for you.



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