Review: Fleshlight Aliens

Fleshlight Alien Male Masturbator | Simply Realistic Sex Toy for Men | Freaky Vagina
  • FEELS REAL | Vagina made from patented, Real-Feel SuperSkin which is an extremely life-like material that precisely mimics intercourse. This Fleshlight was made from an exact mold of an Alien's Vagina. We have sold thousands of these to satisfied customers around this world. We at Fleshlight have a strong belief in Orgasmic Pluralism.
  • BIG BANG | Tighten and Loosen the Special End-cap to Control Suction for Added Realism. Try a Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer to take it to the Next Ass-tronomical Level! Comes with a dynamic inner texture that will massage you in a very milky way.
  • PANSPERMIA HYPOTHESIS | Be sure to buy from FL's Official Store: Fleshlight's Amazon Storefront for a Safe and Authentic Product. Other sellers are not authorized
  • STRONG SUCTION | Tighten and Loosen the Special End-cap to Control Suction for Sensual Realism. Try a Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer to take this tight strange pussy to the Next Level! Dust with Renewing Powder to keep soft.
  • WORLD FAMOUS | Whenever you want, solo or during couples play, the Fleshlight sexual gratification alternative is there to fulfill your fantasies and meet your desires. Nothing is closer to the real thing. Use only with water based lubricants.

Fleshlight Dildo Freaks from Aliens

When we were asked to review the newly displayed blue colored alien fleshlight we thought them as the same as any other sex toys in the market. But on careful scrutiny, we found surprise after surprise and saw that this dildo was worth it. It took us little time when some females did try it and what we heard was quite astonishing and revealing. The toy was quite a best seller coming from Fleshlight the company that produces male sex toys.

From the start, we found that the women who had volunteered to use it was really jealous about it. Most of them said that the dildo was awesome and reached a climax like they never dreamed of before.

Firming up like an Alien

The dildo was extraordinary as its phallus shape looked like a fusion of two shafts and the base resembles the shapes of two balls. The feel is quite natural and if you are a single woman then the chances are that you will be using it over and over again. As you insert the alien fleshlight into your vagina you will notice that the gap is stretched as the dildo goes inside. It takes the breath out of you and makes you reach the climax effortlessly.

For starters, the girth may be a little too firm although for those who are quite used to frequent sexual encounters or other dildos this could be something they can carry around for any length of time.

Remarkable Texture

You will find the alien fleshlight dildo worth every bit of your money. The alien blue color representing alien makes you focus on the strength and agility of an extraterrestrial visitor. This dildo would take you to the stars when thrust into your vagina hitting the g spot and all. The shaft balls can be used as a grip when you push it in. The texture gives out a bumpy ride makes you go ecstatic.

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