Review: Jack Hammer Jesus

Spiritual Endorsement with Jack Hammer Jesus

The jesus dildo also known as Jack Hammer Jesus is surely going to raise the quality of your sex life with or without your partner’s assistance. For some people, this may look a bit outrageous with Jesus carving yet for those not so religiously inclined this is a thing to go for. Again, there are also those who think that sex is a holistic act and therefore the need for divine intervention also helps achieve a greater level of satisfaction.

Whatever be the reason we have found the Jack Hammer Jesus quite remarkable at what it is supposed to do. Among most women we had taken sample survey all seemed quite thrilled for using the jesus dildo again and again.

Caressing firmly your G Spot Area

You will find the jesus dildo really capable of caressing your g spot and the vaginal walls all along with each thrust. Unusually spiritualistic like with a feeling of slightly stranger appeal this dildo has Jesus carved on a cross. You will also note that the bottom end of the cross is phallus shaped and you would enjoy each thrust so as to take you to orgasm.

We find the dildo quite efficient in its performance and the increased rate of satisfaction that females have felt when they used it.

Blending both Physical and Spiritual

You may start using the jesus dildo the moment your parcel arrives. You surely need lube and then the whole thing just goes deeply into your vagina with each push. We have seen one thing, however, and that is the Jack Hammer Jesus is slightly lengthy and so you shouldn’t feel disappointed if you were unable to push the whole shaft into your pussy.

Keep one of these near you and even if someone where to notice it lying around they wouldn’t think it as naughty. Surely, by the grace of God things are always fine even with this dildo.




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