Review: Lelo Luna Beads

LELO Luna Beads (Regular Size) - Kegel Balls to Tone Your Pelvic Floor - Ben Wa Balls for Pleasure and Exercise - The World’s Most Trusted Pleasure Beads
  • Luna Beads combine pleasure with fitness to give you a kegel exerciser that brings lasting results
  • These ben wa balls offer pleasurable sensations as they discreetly vibrate in response to your body's movements
  • Each set comes with four interchangeable weighted beads that can be combined to increase or decrease resistance - tailoring to your needs and pleasure
  • Body safe - Made from FDA-Approved and Phthlate-Free Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Choose from two different sizes: Regular and Mini (Regular is typically preferred by women who have given birth)


Betty’s Toy Box is one of those rising star shops to view. They’re cute, they’re female-friendly, and they provide competitive prices. Carolyn, their twitter supervisor, is super friendly and I was really happy to make their acquaintance!


Delivering from Betty’s Plaything Box was incredibly swift and discreet. My order was shipped out on a Friday and I obtained it the following Monday. I received a plain package with no sign of the nature of its contents. Like with all LELO items, the LUNA Beads are packaged wonderfully. The exterior white box is tasteful. Inside this outside box lays an additional hard, white box. You’ll locate the LUNA Beads resting on a pillow of white foam. Also included in the package is: a black satin storage bag; a 1-year guarantee card; an information booklet; and a sample of LELO’s lubricating substance.

Product and Care

The pink and blue grain coverings are made from ABS plastic. The harness is made from a white matte silicone. This means that the Luna Beads are safe. The shells are watertight, so you don’t need to bother with capturing water or germs within the shells themselves. To clean, I rinse the beads and the harness with warm water and antibacterial soap prior to and after each use. To make sure that the beads remain sanitary, I make certain to separate the beads from the harness and clean each thing separately. Just use the water-based lubricating substance, as silicone-based lubes could degrade the silicone harness gradually.

This Kegel established allows you to customize the weight you would love to put on. Both pink beads are the lightest at 28 grams each. Both blue beads are substantially much heavier at 37 grams each. This suggests that, provided you are using two beads at the same time, you have the options of using 56 grams, 65 grams, or 74 grams. A white silicone harness carries the beads. The harness itself is rather stiff and simply flexible enough for you to tear each bead in and out. In between usages, I store my LUNA Beads in the black satin bag that’s contained.

How to Use

Kegel balls are implied to be vaginally placed and used for prolonged periods of time. To insert them, I suggest using water-based lubricator to the beads and then insert them in, beginning with the grain without the string connected. When within, they should rest approximately where your tampon would sit. Allow a bit of the withdrawal cord hang out so that, when you’re ready to take them out, your finger can discover the withdrawal cord quickly enough.

To increase the toughness in your pelvic flooring, LELO suggests putting on these beads for at least HALF AN HOUR daily for up to 12 weeks. Once they remain in, you’ll observe that the inner weights will be moving as you walk around, creating the balls to bump against the sides of your genital walls. This, together with the weight on your pelvic floor, will motivate your pelvic flooring to automatically squeeze, therefore working out these muscles and growing stronger in time. I’m not bold sufficient to, ya know, go have some bowel movements while using these. I’d be squashed if my Kegels failed me at such an inconvenient time. If you attempt this, let me recognize how it goes! Using these on your duration will be great.

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