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It’s not exactly a very sexy-looking item in the world and it isn’t technically a vibrator. This is a sophisticated instrument providing touch-free wave stimulation made simpler just for you. Among the features of the Satisfyer Pro 2 are its lightweight nature, ease of grip and the way it is fabulous. The Satisfyer Pro 2 efficiently envelops the clit with the nozzle’s hole. It works by creating a pulsating feeling (one which feels like cool suction). Underwater, this sensation would feel intensified, but it could work equally outside the tub as well.

Physical Details

Consisting of the body and clitoral cap, the bronze body is a handle, big enough for a comfortable grip. Having 2 buttons, ON and increase, these buttons are placed conveniently that you’d never have to fumble when in use. The cap is soft and removable and holds its shape firm enough, it’s also soft enough to feel comfortable when pressed against the clit. The texture is lovely, silky and smooth.

Material and Care

The ABS plastic body and silicone cap come off for easy cleaning. Being made from these materials means that this toy is 100% body-safe. Stick to water-based lubes like Sliquid H20. The Satisfyer Pro 2 requires about 2.5 hours for a full recharge and is completely waterproof.

There are some powerful magnets in this toy, so just don’t put your credit cards near it, or your computer or cell phone. And if you use a pacemaker, you’d better try consulting a physician first.

15 minutes is plenty of time and I strongly suggest you wouldn’t have to use it beyond that.

Don’t store the product with depleted batteries, in other words: masturbation is good folks, it’s even better for the machines.

Shipping and Packaging

I got mine shipped in an anonymous, plain and brown package which is an appreciable discretion. The toy itself was packaged in a black box. It doesn’t look pornographic and might not even look like a toy. Inside the box, the Satisfyer Pro 2 and its charging chords lie in a plastic holder. Also, glance through the instruction booklet that you’ll receive. One would wish it came with a storage option because it simply doesn’t.


It is satisfying on the whole.

Have to admit that it is a weird sex toy. Merely using it for a few seconds can engorge the clit, which could be from the intense pleasure or the suction-like feeling. This only gives more sensitivity to the clit, which makes things just a bit more fun. And as for the orgasms, they are intensely ridiculous and fascinating. You won’t find any a point of actual physical touch. The orgasms have an organic, natural crescendo and you’ll find that you can enjoy more than one of those intense orgasms without much of a break. This product guarantees you a unique and unforgettable orgasm.

In short, the Satisfyer Pro 2 gives me pleasurable, quick and orgasms without any direct touching. It feels extremely sensitive and this is one of the rare toys I’ve found that actually has a higher strength that I can’t bear. The higher levels are so intense, I just want to stick to the lower levels. If you find trouble to orgasm, you’d surely find happiness in this one. Take it underwater, and you’re in a whole new different world. Find similar products in our vibrators section.

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