Review: Tenga Egg

Tenga Easy Beat Egg New Standard Masturbator Six Pack
  • Includes six uniquely textured strokers.
  • Stretch to fit all sizes.
  • Excellent for solo use or with a partner.
  • Includes a packet of lube.
  • Now with thicker, stronger material

A Review on Tenga Egg for Males

The online market is flooded with numerous male sex toys. Undoubtedly, the male toys sell in greater quantities than female dildos. Yet, the women these days aren’t far behind. From my regular studies and analysis of the market, I have come to know that this sex toy has been a hot favorite among female buyers too. You know what I mean. The tenga egg has become a best seller and the fact is that you may feel like slipping one into your partner’s bag so that he doesn’t get hot on another girl while traveling.

While continuing my tenga egg review I have come to gather that the males just love every bit of it.

Fabulous Texture Made for Love

You get impressed by the tenga egg at first sight itself. This is because of its texture and the design that is quite impressive. You just feel the thing and you know that is exactly what you had wanted. Unlike other sex toys, this one is for those who really love to masturbate. The tenga egg is bulky, which is its fine point and stretches up to 12 inches for the whole length of your penis.

While going over the tenga egg review I have found that there are also some tricky aspects to it. It has to be handled a little carefully. This means that after every use it has to be cleaned properly without being too rough on it. I mean that you may not use soap and water which will damage it, and you can do so with careful rubbing and caressing. You may use some talcum powder to get the best for the feel.

Make it Last

My tenga egg review had made me think that your male partner may try to rush on things. You may tell him to be gentle on it. Of course, the heart shaped texture submerges your whole penis and you can let yourself out pleasantly.

Tenga Easy Beat Egg New Standard Masturbator Six Pack
Includes six uniquely textured strokers.; Stretch to fit all sizes.; Excellent for solo use or with a partner.

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