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Physical Details

The Vibease is a cool wearable vibrator which could be controlled by your phone, via Bluetooth. This is a public product and it is supposed to be worn out there in public. It definitely stays where you want it to stay and it might work better if you wear boxer briefs.

This toy is a hook-shaped sex toy and the hook is definitely meant for your clit and the end, that’s flat is supposed to be by the pubic bone.

The noise levels are pretty decent and no one can hear it, even in a quiet room. Though you might wish for a crowded, noisy room just for the assurance that no one’s going to find you up. It isn’t really all that strong, but it is good enough to get me to climax if I hold it up to my clit.

The App

Vibease actually goes to the extent of doing it in terms of psychologically by giving you the ability to let your partner control the vibrations over the app. The app also allows you to text your partner with pictures.

Another way it brings in psychological turning on is by its fantasy store. You can get audiobooks and merchandise which automatically gets Vibease to vibrate accordingly.

Material and Care

This stuff is made from silicon, and it is totally non-toxic, non-porous and safe for your body. Power to you!

Although they say that it is waterproof, it also says in the manuals that it’s not exactly a submersible product. Seems like it’s not all that waterproof after all. It would be okay to wash with soap. Before and after use would be a good time to do the washing as usual. Make sure it’s dry before plugging in, you know it’s not to be trusted with its waterproofing feature.

Three hours of charge would be good for initial use and later on, Two would suffice as well.

You’ll have to find a spot of your own to store the toy as there isn’t any satin that you’d expect to be there with every luxury model.


Being cute and pretty silent, the packaging is clean and completely non-pornographic. And inside lies the toy cushioned in a platform. Charging cords and instructions included.


The app asks you to sign in with your Facebook or just sign up with your email and asks a couple of other information. After logging in, you could download books. Some books have to be purchased using credits. Through the book, the vibrator goes through different pulses according to how the story was going. You can play with the strength of the vibration the way you want it, whenever you wish. You can also go further and customize each of those many pulses in the settings. I do love the extent of control that this toy gives you. There aren’t many audio books that actually help gay, lesbian or trans users specifically.

Once you get connected to your partner using request features, you can let your partner control your Vibease. You can share pics, your voice or just text. The connection appears to be pretty okay without much of a bug or security issue and feels seamless. This does bring about a lot of intimacy into the lives of long-distance couples.

The Vibease did keep my clit warm enough during the day without a lot of orgasms. I could just wear it around without much fuzz. But you might find that your underwear alone can’t push it exactly to where you really need it to touch your clit at. You would enjoy the feelings your partner could give you, and even solo audiobook sessions.


I like it, but not exactly how I fantasized I would. I’d prefer this to be non-wearable toy than a wearable one because my underwear isn’t enough to keep it right where I need it to be. But hey, it stays in place, can be controlled smartly and does create minimum noise. So it works really well.

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